hijab style

hye aall... how are u today?? how's ur fasting?? evrythng fine?? fine? good...hehe..bnyk soklan lak yana ni..today nk tnjuk kat korg, after i iftr i had an idea for my hijb style...so now i know..dis is two style dat i make..yg atas tuh tgk tutorial org...yg bwh nye picture tuh hentam ja...hahaha...I will show to you the veil style according to number two on the front view, side view of the right, rear and side view of the left ...let's see ...

 fornt view

 side view of the right

 back view

and the side view of the left

so,this is the style dat i make by myself..it's easy...dat all..kbai...assalammualaikumm... :)

p/s: sorry tudung nmpk kedut,xgosok pn..hehhe...x sempat...ni spontan ja..
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